Enter Template Name
Enter Template Name
Lab Report Properties : On this page you can select which template you want to use to create your lab reports.
  • Decide which of the Provided Lab Report Templates you want to use.
  • Select “Click Here to set as your default” in the right column to use that Provided Template “as is” or with no changes.
  • You can make changes to any Provided Template by selecting “Edit” and saving it under a new Custom Template name.
  • If you are using a Custom Template, make sure you have also set it as your default before creating lab reports.
  • Templates can be created for any nutrition company, nutrition distributor, or practice management company.  If you do not see a company you want in the Provided Templates . . . take the initiative and connect us to the right person at that company and you will receive 50 free credits once their template is complete and added below.
  • Help and support is always a phone call or email away.       Phone : 763-241-5436       Email : support@bltsystem.com

Custom Lab Report Templates - Customized By You


Provided Lab Report Templates - Provided For You

Choose from the list of Lab Report Templates that have been provided for you below, and in the right column select which one you would like to set as your default settings. You can edit or make changes to any of the provided templates below, but you must first click Edit and save it under a new name as a custom template.

Apex Energetics


BLT System - generic recommendations

BLT System - no product recommendations


Optimal Health Systems

Optimal Health Trainer

Ortho Molecular

Standard Process


In order to edit a Provided Template you will first need to give it a new name, and then it will be copied and appear in the section above under “Custom Lab Report Templates”.  Once it appears in the Custom section you make any edits or changes you wish.
Enter Template Name